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2017-02-27 08:06:46 by NDG-1313

Well...It's been a long time, huh?

Happy Late Christmas,New Year and Love Day

Sooo...what happened?
First of all, my computer melted...literally

so i lost every fucking thing i had on it

including sprites, projects,clips...

so yeah, fuck my life

i have to restart everything of mah solo thing...but before,i gotta get a CS6 version that works on Windows 10 (anyone has links? no? k...)

so yeah, these months has been shit

don't expect much from me for a lot of time

*shoots himself

Udapte time!

2016-10-10 19:33:38 by NDG-1313

Firsto of all: *Achievement Unlocked* : reach to more than 20 fans. 

Well people, it's been a long two months...
And I  thought that you may like to about me. 
Well, first I want to say thanks to everybody who is following me. I never thought that some "Madness Celebrities" would follow me ( @Jsoull , I'm looking at ya). 
The next I will say is that I think that I have improved enough my animation skills (I could discover some of my mistakes and improved a few things) to make my own long-short movie. I don't want to tell many details, but I will use The Italian God sprites for this and it will have Deimos,Sanford and Hank as protagonists.
The second thing is that I am making the third-fourth re edition of my character. 
And I think that's all. 
Expect some tests for next weekend. See ya

Well s***, 12 fans!!!

2016-08-15 11:44:03 by NDG-1313

Thanks to everyone who followed me. As I promised, here is my first version of my Weapon Pack. Here it is for ya.

Also, there are two shitty things for these duds: @Ante45 and @spotsxd

Enyjoy it. ALSO if you are gonna use it, give me credits plz

testing mah niu spraits

2016-07-31 20:42:11 by NDG-1313

with this dud's hands:



2016-07-07 10:11:23 by NDG-1313

Well,as you can see, I decided to remake my character. And NOT, it's not a copy of the super sexy red headed north-american (Cethic for friends). Also, that ARX is part of a Weapon Pack that I will release when I arrive ten fans as a gift. 
Also, I'm in my friend, @AISFDB 's, collab. Just in case someone wants to join. 
That's all for now.

Almost Finished my Sprite Sheet

2016-05-28 14:06:31 by NDG-1313

I almos finished my sprite sheet
I let ya some screenshots

That's all for now ;D



If I could found a collab...

2016-05-25 22:00:32 by NDG-1313

Well, I made a clip for a collab, but I don't know if there is an open one by there.
If somebody knows or hosts one, plz tell me

Clip Here:

Made New Tests

2016-05-20 20:54:46 by NDG-1313

Well, Flash finally let me use the cam, with the cost of deformating the image but...well,there is it.

-Guns made by:
-And sounds by:

Good Luck to Brazil

2016-05-12 11:52:37 by NDG-1313

Well, I watched the news and I saw that Brazil's president, Dilma Rousseff, has been suspended, so right now I am a little bit scared. The thing is that now Brazil has not "control". I wish that every artist, game developer, animator, musician,etc from Brazil is ok and can still upload content.
I made more tests, but there is the fucking glithc with the banner again, and the sound is lower, but I'm proud of them. (If somebody knows how to fix the glitch, plz tell me)