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Entry #13


2017-02-27 08:06:46 by NDG-1313

Well...It's been a long time, huh?

Happy Late Christmas,New Year and Love Day

Sooo...what happened?
First of all, my computer melted...literally

so i lost every fucking thing i had on it

including sprites, projects,clips...

so yeah, fuck my life

i have to restart everything of mah solo thing...but before,i gotta get a CS6 version that works on Windows 10 (anyone has links? no? k...)

so yeah, these months has been shit

don't expect much from me for a lot of time

*shoots himself


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2017-02-27 08:27:06

Believe me. I feel ya. I'm currently surviving off of school computers and I'm making a video game...

NDG-1313 responds:

that gotta be hard


2017-02-27 11:07:38

@JohnEarthBreathGames lol same. I hate when shit like this happens though. I'm here for yah
@NDG-1313 :3 ~S~


2017-02-27 16:28:28

Hey don't worry it can be worse but i wish you luck one thing tho you can start with new things or make stuff beter and there is alot of free room now. but otherwise good luck with all of that i wish you the best ^_^

NDG-1313 responds:

thank you
and yes, you are right
but i still need a link for flash for windows 10